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Garage Door Repair Crystal Lake IL

Garage Door Repair Crystal Lake ILWe have been in business repairing garage doors and providing new installations for over 20 years. Our company is proud to offer a full range of garage repair services to the greater Crystal Lake Illinois area with a focus on providing quality products that will last for years after they are installed. Whether you require a basic repair or a full installation of new products, our team is well trained to manage these tasks with ease. We are happy to consult with you about any work you may need done on your garage at your earliest convenience.
Garage Door Repair Service Crystal Lake IL

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair Crystal Lake IL

  • New spring installation
  • Garage door spring adjustment
  • Torsion or extension spring service
  • Broken spring replacement or repair

There are a variety of areas on your door that rely on springs to move properly. Not only does this make the function of your door more efficient for the motor, it can be impossible to move the door if key springs are not working properly. Because they move so frequently a spring can rust, weaken or bend with time which could cause the door to break.

You might think that you need to replace your garage door but it could turn out that you simply need a new spring to get your door moving properly again. This installation is fast and easy and should get your door working like new as soon as it is finished. Our team can examine the springs on your door and suggest any maintenance or replacements that might be necessary to get your door moving properly again.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair Crystal Lake ILJust as important as your garage door is the opener that you use to move it. Occasionally openers will stop functioning or will become out of date which will require you to make some upgrades. If you have found that your garage door is not lifting the way it should, the opener may be to blame. In some cases repairing this is as simple as replacing the batteries which may have gone dead, but if you would like an upgrade we can install a new opener with more advanced properties.

If you have had a new door installed it is essential to select an opener that will provide the right amount of support for the door, particularly if the style you have selected is very heavy. Having professional support for your garage door will both ensure that everything is installed properly and make sure that you get the best recommendations for products that are likely to suit your needs and your budget.

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